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Moonee Valley Council is currently seeking community input on ideas for future of Strathmore.
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Strathmore is a suburb of Melbourne, in the State of Victoria, Australia. It is located approximately 10 kilometres to the North West of the centre of Melbourne, part of the Local Council of the City of Moonee Valley.

The site contains pages of interest to the residents of Strathmore, including a section on the history of Strathmore; a nostalgia page; photographs of Strathmore; and the links to locally based websites of organisations and businesses.

One of the features of the site is a notice board and marketplace application. This application can be used by the residents and traders of Strathmore for a number of different purposes. Residents can post notices for the sale of unwanted goods. Local traders can advise of their specials. It could be used to advise of missing pets, or of local training courses. The application can also be used as a notice board to advise the community of upcoming events, be it a garage sale, fete or sporting event. Local groups, including members of those groups, are encouraged to post details of their event up to a month before the event. (Please note the webmaster does not know of everything that is going on in Strathmore so it is up to the community to use this tool if they want it to work.)

I hope Strathmore residents will find the site to be useful and informative. Please bookmark it for many returns in the future.


Bruce Barbour.

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