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The house is located in Kilburn Street, Strathmore.

The house was built in 1891 by Harry Huntington Peck (b. 1860), the son of John Murray Peck (owner of "Lebanon"). Its design is based on the design of the Peck family home in Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA. It may have been designed in consultation with Peck's brother who was an architect. It was further extended in 1910.

Peck lived in the house from the time of its construction in 1891 until (circa) 1940. Harry Peck is most well known for writing "Memoirs of a Stockman", which first appeared as a series of articles in the "Stock and Land" magazine from 1939 to 1941. The articles were published in book form by 1942 and has since been republished four times, the latest being in 1972.

Peck was well qualified to write these "Memoirs of a Stockman" having been a Stock Auctioneer and Agent from 1884 until he retired in 1938. His father John Peck had also worked as a Stock Agent. He was also a Chairman of the Stock and Station Agents Association of Melbourne.

Main Source: "Essendon Conservation Study", Graeme Butler for Essendon Council.