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Further Early Lands Sales

The area between Carnarvon Road and Bulla Road (Part of Section 16, Doutta Galla) is shown on early plans as being part of the "Essendon Town Common". In 1862 the area was subdivided and sold in 20 acre lots. The purchasers of the sections in Strathmore were R. E. Chance, B. J. Cooke, J. T. Smith and W. Williams.

The area of North Strathmore and most of Strathmore Heights is covered by Section 23 of the Parish of Doutta Galla. This area of 525 acres was first acquired by Frederick Berkley (G.F.B.) St. John in 1843 for a sum of 525 pounds. He sold the land quickly to C. H. Ebden in 1843 (for 1000 pounds). Ebden sold to Sir John Franklin in 1845. Franklin's widow sold to Henry Mawbrey in 1871 (3413 pounds) who sold to William Geo. Lempriere in 1874 (5645 pounds). A lot of this area (Section 23, Doutta Galla) was later incorporated into the Essendon Airport.

After selling the 100 acres to Thomas Napier the next sale that Edward Jones Brewster made was the sale of 236 acres of land adjoining the Napier property. This was sold in 1846 to Phillip Holland who later sold to Kernan. The remainder of the land was sold in 5 small allotments ranging in size from 22 to 67 acres. Some of the other early land owners were Henry Callaghan, Thomas Dunn (later sold to Kilburn), Samuel Jackson, J. McCord, W. Smith.

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