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There has been a multitude of other organisations set up in Strathmore over its history. Some of these organisations had only a short life, other persisted for years and still exist today. I have little or no information on these organisations. If anyone has any information on these or other organisations please email me.

  • Strathmore Symphony Orchestra (Not Functioning) - Formed in 1965, they met in the Community Hall in Loeman Street and also later in the Strathmore High School Hall. They gave concerts both locally and across Melbourne and in some "provincial cities". Formed the Strathmore Choral Society (under its auspices) in 1973. See subscription form - 1974.
  • Kindergartens -
    A kindergarten was established in specially modified and equipped Sunday School rooms of the Strathmore Presbyterian Church (now Uniting Church) in 1949. It was the first free kindergarten to be established in the Shire of Broadmeadows. Closed in 2013.

    A foundation stone for a new kindergarten at the Strathmore Methodist church was laid in May 1954. Kindergarten and church are now demolished.

    St Aidans Kindergarten - A new kindergarten building was dedicated and blessed by the Archbishop of Melbourne Rt Rev J J Booth in April 1956. It was built at a cost of 4500 pounds, using a Government grant of 2250 pounds. The kindergarten itself may have been operating before that date.

    The Strathmore Community Association (SCA) formed an interim Kindergarten Committee at a meeting held on 16 November 1956 for the opening of a kindergarten in the SCA Hall in Loeman Street. Broadmeadows Council had set aside a sum of 2250 pounds for the construction and fit out of an amenities annex at the rear of the Community Hall. The kindergarten commenced operations in 1957. The kindergarten was officially opened by the Minister for Health, Mr E. P. Cameron MLC on 05 July 1957. 
  • Strathmore Men's Club (Not Functioning) - Instrumental in the establishment of the Strathmore Community Association and for lobbying for other facilities such as the Primary School for Strathmore.
  • Strathmore Scouts - 1st Strathmore Scout Troop applied to the City of Broadmeadows for the use of land on the south side of "Balnanno Creek Reserve", facing Glenbervie Road in May 1954.
  • Strathmore Probus Clubs. Men's Club established in 1989, Ladies in 1992 and a Mixed Club in 1994. Sponsored by Strathmore Gladstone Park Rotary Club.
  • The Lodge of Strathmore No. 566 - Freemasons. In early 1944 Bill Dorward and J. B. Baglin recognised that a lot of Freemasons had moved into the rapidly developing Strathmore area. Many of these Freemasons were either unaffiliated or irregular attenders. A meeting was organised with these Freemasons to canvas tha idea of forming a local Lodge. The meeting was held in the Strathmore Presbyterian Church Hall on the 21st of June 1944 and was attended by over 50 Freemasons of whom sufficient numbers declared themselves willing to become members of the new Lodge. Finally a total of 47 Freemasons signed the petition requesting the Grand Lodge to issue a charter for a new Lodge to be known as "The Lodge of Strathmore No. 566". In due course this was granted and the new Lodge was consecrated 14th June 1945. Meetings were held in Essendon Masonic Lodge Temple, Mt. Alexander Road.
  • Strathmore Progress Association - There have been two organisations with the name Strathmore Progress Association in Strathmore's History. The first was instrumental in the set up of Strathmore Community Association and it also agitated for the separation of Strathmore from Broadmeadows. It was earlier known as North Essendon and South Broadmeadows Progress Association. Formed early 1930's.
    The second Strathmore Progress Association was set up a lot later. It also promoted the Annexation of Strathmore to Essendon City Council. Strathmore Progress Association (No. 2) also lobbied for the closure of the Essendon Airport and landing and take-off curfews in the meantime.
  • Baby Health Centre, Corner Napier and Loeman Streets. Opened late 1956. Demolished 2014 and site redeveloped as additional two tennis courts for the Strathmore Tennis Club.
  • Long Day Care Centre, Max Johnston Reserve, Loeman Street.
  • Old Timber Methodist Church Building
                            from Macedon
    Methodist church
    building from Macedon
    Strathmore Methodist Church was located at the corner of Napier Street and Williamson Avenue. The church was officially opened by Rev Eric H. O. Nye on 25 February, 1951. The original church building (pictured right) was was an old wooden Methodist church building transported from Macedon. At the time there were complaints from some neighbouring residents about the use of this old timber building in Strathmore. Foundation stone of the Kindergarten Hall laid in May 1954 by Rev Dr. Clifford Wright. New church building was built in 1957/58. Opened and dedicated by the President of the Methodist Conference, Rev. Norman Elliott on the 10th of May, 1958. The new building cost 11,000 pounds to construct. After the Methodist Church joined the Uniting Church the site ceased to operate as a church and was eventually sold and operated as a photography studio. The site was further sold in 1999 and subsequently the church buildings were demolished for construction of a house.
  • St Aidan's Church
    St Aidan's Church of England - First established in October, 1947. A new kindergarten building was built circa 1955/56 at a cost of 4500 pounds (using a 2250 pound Government Grant) though I have a report that the kindergarten was operating in 1953 and perhaps earlier. The new kindergarten building was opened and blessed by the Archbishop of Melbourne, Rt. Rev. J.J. Booth. The foundation stone of the new church building was laid on the 20th March 1960. The building was dedicated and opened by Bishop D.L. Redding on 4th of March 1961.The new church was designed by Mr. P Garside and replaced a hall that was built 13 years ago.
    St Aidan's became a Parish in its own right on 2nd May 1961 after the induction of Rev. Patrick E.D. Gason by the Archbishop of Essendon, Rev. R.W. Dann. The Parish included the Chapel of Ease at 3 Esmale Street, Strathmore North.
  • Strathmore Church of Christ - not operating. Located in Loch Crescent. The church building was converted to a house.
Church of Christ building - 30 Loch Crescent
  • Baptist Church (now demolished)
    The Glenbervie Baptist Church was officially opened by Mr. J.C. Thompson, President of the Baptist Union. The site of the church had previously been occupied for 30 years by a shop. The Pastor was Rev. E.B. Bond and Mr. Brownbill was the Church Secretary.
    Glenbervie Baptist Church merged with Essendon Baptist Church in 2001 to form Essendon Baptist Community Church and met at the Essendon Baptist site in Buckley St, Essendon.
    The Church building has been converted to housing (2005 - 2006), with only the very front section of the original structure remaining.