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In this site I have attempted to assemble histories of the Suburb and its organisations into one site to make the histories readily accessible and to give an overview of the development of a suburb.

For the histories of the organisations I have relied extensively on information provided by the organisation itself or contained in booklets prepared by the organisation for a significant anniversary.

For any information provided in these pages I have tried to provide and acknowledge the source of the material. Please consult that source for further information. I found that some sources gave differing versions of events to others. Some information is from my memory. If people have different information from that provided here please contact me so we can get it right. If you believe I have in any way infringed copyright please contact me so that I can correct the situation.

The Webmaster and other people who have provided information for this site are not liable to users of this website for any loss or damage however caused resulting from use of the web site or the use of the information contained therein.


Thank you to all people who helped me in the preparation of this history. In particular I would like to thank Ray Gibb of Tullamarine for the detailed pages of history that he has contributed to this site and in particular for the various corrections to my writing that he kindly pointed out. I also thank members of the Essendon Historical Society for their assistance.

Historical Sources:

(Not necessarily in order of Importance. Other sources also utilised)

  1. "Broadmeadows - a Forgotten History", Andrew Lemon, 1982, City of Broadmeadows and Hargreen Publishing;
  2. "The Stop- Over that Stayed,  A History of Essendon" Grant Aldous, City of Essendon;
  3. "Houses in Essendon Broadmeadows and Bulla" Booklet Undated, author unknown, contained in a Information Kit folder called "Places of Interest in the Moonee Valley Region" issued by Moonee Valley Regional Library;
  4. A history compiled by Mr. E.W. McCarthy, then Principal of Strathmore Primary School in 1969 for the 25th anniversary of the School. - as reproduced in the booklet "Strathmore Primary School - 50th Jubilee, 1944 - 1994" published for the 50th Anniversary of the School;
  5. "Strathmore North Primary School - The First 25 Years (1961 - 1986)", Various Authors, Booklet printed on the occasion of the 25 anniversary of the School's commencement;
  6. "Strathmore High 25th Anniversary - March 1982", Strathmore High School, Various Authors;
  7. "Vision and Realisation", Vol 3, Blake L. J., Education Department of Victoria, 1973 on the occasion of the Centenary of State Education in Victoria;
  8. "St. Vincent de Paul Primary School 1937 - 1987" booklet published by St Vincent's on the 50th anniversary of the formation of the school;
  9. "Parish Profile" St. Vincent De Paul Parish, Strathmore, Nov. 1996;
  10. "Association Folds"  Essendon Gazette (now the Moonee Valley Gazette) on September 17, 1986;
  11. "Napier Park - A Little Bit of Country in the Suburbs" Article in the "Gazette" of April 7, 1976. Corbett;
  12. Notes of Dr. Sam Merrifield retained by the Essendon Historical Society.
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  15. " Essendon Airport's Rich History" Moonee Valley Gazette Article dated 6 November 1995, reporting on work by Mr. Roger Meyer of Air Services Australia;
  16. Transcript of a talk given by Mrs. R. Jones of Mt Eliza to the Toastmistresses Club (The Magdala Club - about 1973/74), which was held by the Essendon Historical Society;
  17. "History of Essendon" J McJunkin, Circa 1928, Unpublished
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  19. Various document and plans retained by either the Essendon Historical Society or the Sam Merrifield Library - Local History Room;
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  21. Plans from the Public Records Office and also the Plan Room of the Titles Office Victoria;
  22. "Lowther News", Vol 11, No. 1, July 1979, Published by the Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School - (held by the Essendon Historical Society);
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  25. "Essendon Conservation Study", Graeme Butler for Essendon Council;
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  28. "Annals of Strathmore and the Surrounding Area" and "The Farms of Strathmore", Ray Gibb, published on this site;
  29. "Six and a Half Inches from Destiny. The First Hundred Years of the Melbourne Wodonga Railway, 1873 - 1973", Keith Turton, 1973;
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  31. "Tramways of Australia", Samuel Brimson, 1983; and
  32. "W.C.T.U. Golden Jubilee, 1887 - 1937".

Local History Websites

While not necessarily used as sources for the history on this site here are some other local history websites which may be of interest.

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  2. Essendon Historical Society
  3. Lenore Frost Local History Pages
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